2711 Maricopa Ave.

Richmond, CA 94804

Main Office: (510) 231-1421

Fax: (510) 234-3243


Interim Principal: Christi Roscigno

Bell Schedule

8:30 AM                 Classes begin

9:40– 10:00            1st-3rd Recess

10:00– 10:20          Kindergarten Recess

10:30– 10:50          4th-6th Recess

11:20- 12:00           TK– 1st Lunch

11:50-12:30            2nd-3rd Lunch

12:30– 1:10             4th-6th Lunch   

2:22 PM                  K-3rd Dismissal

2:45 PM                  4th-6th Dismissal

· 1:45 PM: K-3rd Minimum Day Dismissal

· 2:05 PM: 4th-6th  Minimum Day Dismissal


Outdoor photos of Ford Elementary

Welcome Back!

First school day of 2019

January 7, 2019


Expectations Week

9:00 AM at Salesian

January 8-11, 2019

Cocoa and Game Night

5:15 PM in the Cafeteria

January 16, 2019

Martin Luther King Jr. Day


January 21, 2019

Children playing on the playground

Children walking in the second floor hallway

PTA Meeting

2:30 PM in the Library

January 22, 2019


As participating citizens of J.O. Ford International MicroSociety School, students will give evidence of the use of life skills, and productive, responsible citizenship in “a peaceful place” (our school motto) - an emotionally and physically safe learning environment.


By utilizing the MicroSociety structure, our school essentially is transformed into a mini-metropolis. Our culminating event, "Market Day", takes place three times a year! During "Market Day", the school becomes a consumer and producer marketplace. Students will use their cross-discipline learning to plan, create, and "sell" a product to the school community. In order to receive "funds" for "Market Day", students are granted school monetary value based on daily attendance and following school expectations.


Through this project, Ford Elementary supports learning at the highest end of Bloom's Taxonomy- application, synthesis, analysis, and creativity.